NO-GATE について


藤原ナオヒロ名義でリリースされたアルバム「Limit, Unlimit」に収録されていた「Bayside Story 3:00AM」と「Who is to blame?」をNO-GATEとしてリメイクした1stシングルと2ndシングルは、話題を呼びました。また、令和時代の恋愛を描いた「Something Like Romance」や、夢と現実の間をさまよう「MIRAGE」など、時代を反映した楽曲が多くのリスナーの心を掴んでいます。


NO-GATE, a music production unit consisting of Naohiro Fujiwara (lyricist and vocalist) and JOMI.K (composer and arranger), is active in a wide range of genres, including J-Pop, alternative, pop, electronic, and rock. They bring new charm to their music by reconstructing and remaking songs with their unique interpretations.

The 1st and 2nd singles, remakes of “Bayside Story 3:00AM” and “Who is to blame?” originally featured on the album “Limit, Unlimit” released under Naohiro Fujiwara’s name, garnered attention as NO-GATE’s fresh reinterpretations. Additionally, songs like “Something Like Romance,” which depicts love in the Reiwa era, and “MIRAGE,” which wanders between dreams and reality, have captured the hearts of many listeners as they reflect the current times.

NO-GATE expresses borderless emotions that transcend generations and genders, creating music that resonates with many people through their unique sound and profound messages. Look forward to NO-GATE continuing to open new doors in the world of music.

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